Any work in the gallery section is now available as a signed digital print. These are high-quality inkjet prints on thick ‘fine art’ printing paper with a special matt surface. The prints are sized approximately A3 (12″x 17″) sizes vary between different images. On your request they can be mounted in dark blue card.
Your order will be sent to you by post, using one of the leading shipping companies. All artwork would be well-packed for protection. Prints are usually sent in a cardboard envelope. The prices for both prints and originals include shipping and package. No other delivery charges will be added. Preferable method of payment is by Western Union, which is the quickest and easiest way with no additional charges. You can find your local Western Union office at To send the money you need a mailing address and will receive a Confirmation Number, which you need to email to us. Your order will be sent to you after that. You can also wire the payment directly to artist’s bank account – prints or painting will be sent to you as soon as the money arrives. You will be informed when your order is posted. For account details and alternative methods of payment please feedback me email.